Fried Chicken

Junior's Custard has a variety of fried chicken to offer our customers. Need enough for a party or event? Not a problem. We can make as many pieces as you need. Call ahead for large orders please.

Kids Love Junior's

We are a family friendly restaurant. Kids love our burgers , fries, grilled cheese and of course our fresh Junior's Custard Treats!


From the Grill

Junior's Custard offers a wide variety of grilled items and sides. Chicago dogs, Chili dogs, fries, onion rings, Italian Beef, Reuben Sandwich and much more.

Check our grilled items.


Juniors Custard- a Milwaukee Landmark

Junior's Custard

A Milwaukee Landmark Building

Since the 1950's the building which is now Junior's has been home to great custard establishments. Junior's Custard is proud to be part of what makes Milwaukee great. Our custard flavors and great tasting meals make for a great family night out.

Are you hungry and in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area?
Stop by Junior's Frozen Custard at 6005 W. Appleton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53210

Our friendly staff is serving up juicy burgers, crunchy French fries, delicious hot dogs and smooth and creamy custard in a variety of flavors. Of course, you could go to the other fast food restaurants, but Junior's knows quality. We have quality ingredients that are fresh, but that won’t break your bank.

Our clean and stylish facility is family friendly with plenty of space for you to pull up a chair and enjoy a bite. Children will enjoy our selection of (insert generalization of kid’s menu items). At Junior’s you can be sure that we will fill you up without denting your wallet.
Stop in. Fill up. Create memories. Leave happy.
You'll be glad you chose Junior's.


Juniors Custard News

Junior's Frozen Custard
6005 W. Appleton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53210
Phone: (414) 444-4230